The meeting includes:

  • Assisting you to identify and prioritise your objectives
  • A brief analysis of your assets and liabilities
  • A discussion about your income and expenditure
  • Discussion about some of your potential options and strategies

You will need to bring with you an accurate knowledge of:

  • What you own (including superannuation balances)
  • How much it is worth
  • What you owe
  • Details of income and expenditure

Our Process

We have developed a unique, consultative approach to ensure you understand our recommendations and are comfortable with the strategies to be undertaken.

Ten simple steps to help you achieve your financial goals:

  1. Contact Us
  2. Gather relevant info either in person or fill in our getting to know you questionnaire under the Getting Started menu on our website
  3. We analyse capacities and design strategies to suit your needs
  4. Hold a planning meeting to present you with strategy options, outcomes and assumptions and answer any questions you may have
  5. Make the right decisions to ensure you are comfortable with the strategies
  6. Meet to present a statement of advice detailing the agreed path to achieve your financial objectives
  7. Implement financial plan
  8. Estate planning
  9. Ongoing client care
  10. Annual planning meeting to ensure you are on track to achieving your personal goals